Geoskincare Beauty Gun – Nanochip Skincare Injection Instrument

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Ground-breaking Nanochip Technology

Daily Skincare Treatment At Home

FREE: 4 Super Hyaluronic Acid Serums

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Geoskincare Nanochip Beauty Gun is official Geoskincare product distributor in Singapore

Included for FREE: 4 Super Hyaluronic Acid Serums

Ground-breaking Nanochip Technology, Enabling Daily Skincare Treatment At Home


A new instrument is designed for improving absorption rate up to 10-20 times than original skincare products. Become shined and toned with nanochip beauty instrument, along with our new serums!

Effective + Safer + Painless + Accessible

Non-surgical + Safe + Professional

99.9999% High purity of silicone

1/1000 Length of hair

The revolutionary technology will lead the future decade of daily facial treatment routine.


Geoskincare Nanochip TechnologyGROUND BREAKING TECHNOLOGY

It has been proved that the active ingredients could hardly pass skin layers. On the corneum lies a thin layer that protects the invasion of germs. That is to say, the average absorption rate is only 1-2%.

Geoskincare nanochip beauty instrument combines nanochip technology and silicone knowledge. Replace the original injection, deliver active ingredients straight into deeper skin layer.


Hot Selling Worldwide

Geoskincare is hot selling in over 4,000 boutiques worldwide, including USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Middle East, Taiwan and Macau.

Geoskincare Beauty Instrument Hot Selling

Highly Recommended by Taiwan Star Angela Chang

Geoskincare Gun Recommended by Celebrities


How to use geoskincare Beauty GunEasy to disassemble and use without disinfection; safe and convenient. To avoid infection, the nanoneedling is recommended to be used once.

1.The skin test of the product should be carried out on the inside of the wrist or behind the ear before use. It can be used on the face until there is no reaction after about 20 minutes.

2.Follow the principle of three and three. do not operate more than three times in the same part, stay time is no more than three seconds, the whole face is carried out in a point-lifting way, do not ring, do not press the skin hard, lightly stick the skin and the skin has no pressure.

3. After using the instrument, massage the serum until it is fully absorbed. Cleansing after 15 minutes, and apply the thermal spring SOS essence.



IF Design Award Geoskincare

On January 30, 2018, iF announced the name list. Among 6,402 design pieces worldwide, 63 judges reviewed all artworks. Hundreds of nano-class dots are placed on top of the beauty instrument. It becomes a ground breaking technology to improve absorption rate. Geoskincare Nanochip beauty instrument was awarded with 2018 Germany iF best design.

About Geoskincare NZ

Geoskincare in New Zealand

Founder of geoskincare – Penny Vergeest, researched on natural mineral essential oil and plant extracts benefit on skin and body.

Established in 2000, geoskincare is one of the largest skincare companies in New Zealand, owning natural skincare products and household brands.

Manufacturing base is around 20000 square meters, with eco-friendly production lines.

Products are currently sold in USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, Macau and Hong Kong in retail stores, SPA, and beauty stores.

Geoskincare Foundergeoskincare NZ is located in Hamilton, New Zealand. The manufacturing site is about 200,000 sqm, with GMP production lines and eco-friendly workshops. geoskincare is sold worldwide, including USA, Australia, England, Holland, Belgium, Japan, Korea, Macao, Hong Kong and Singapore, in SPA and beauty stores.

geoskincare launched products in CS channels in China in Oct, 2014. Entered Watsons in Jan, 2015. Also in department stores starting from April, 2015. geoskincare opened up official stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Shaoxin, and Jiangsu. 2017 Swisse cooperated with geoskincare with chain stores business. Now geoskincare owns thousands of stores, including malls, Watsons, and CS channels.

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