About Us

At 3Princess.com, we have been providing high quality products at affordable price to fellow Singaporeans since 2012. So far, we’ve proudly served over 100,000 customers, sold 300,000+ items, with 99.5% good reviews, all done online.

Who We Are

3Princess.com offers designer girls clothing at affordable price.

Established in 2008, we are mothers of 3 girls living in Singapore, hence the name, 3Princess.

3Princess.com is not a big company, it’s just a small business run by 2 mothers. Like yourself, we love our princess and know how to choose clothes for them and dress them up, this is our life, day in and day out. And we’d love to share what we’ve learnt and found over the years.

What We Do

Our Story

It all started in year 2007, when our lovely daughter was born.