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Swaddling is the ancient practice of snugly wrapping newborn baby in a thin blanket or sheet or cloth, to help her feel safe and secure. Many experts believe it’s because swaddling helps to recreate that feeling of security that the baby had in her mother’s womb, when she had less room to move about. 

Besides helping babies feel more settled, feeling “held” and snug can help to calm and soothe hers when she’s over-stimulated, so you may find that swaddling your baby helps her to cry less often.

Swaddling babies and placing them on their back provides stability and helps to keep babies in the recommended sleep position – sleep on their back. It’s always recommended for babies to sleep on their backs until they show signs of being able to roll, in order to avoid unexpected accident. 

Being wrapped up snugly can stop your baby from being disturbed by her own startle reflex. Although startle reflex is completely normal, it might be disturbing. Your baby will sleep for longer periods if she’s not been woken by her own startle reflex when she’s wrapped in swaddle.