Green Bamboo Essential Oils Reed Aroma Diffuser Refill 260ml


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Moisture and soften skin

Forest-like, natural-green aroma

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Green Bamboo Essential Oils Reed Aroma Diffuser Refill

This Green Bamboo essential oil refill is to be used with Reed Aroma Diffuser

Reed Aroma Diffuser & Refills

One of the reasons that reed aromatherapy diffuser is very popular is that it’s very convenient to use, requiring pretty much zero maintenance. You can just leave it there while enjoying fragrance scent in the room.

However you do need to refill it after the initial essential oils are used up, but that’s the only thing that you need to attend to. For refill, you do not have to buy the same essential oil as what you bought initially, you may try different scents that offer a different set of health benefits.

Green Bamboo Essential Oil Benefits

Green Bamboo Essential Oils Reed Aroma Diffuser RefillGreen bamboo essential oil is effective in nourishing the skin. Bamboo oil helps lock in the moisture of the skin to prevent dryness and flaking.

Green bamboo oil is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that help fight aging. Getting in contact with green bamboo oil will help improve your fine lines and wrinkles. It will also enhance the softness of your skin. Unlike applying on the skin, green bamboo essential oil can be used via aroma diffuser consistently, eventually all day, and it’s convenient and very effective.

Green Bamboo Essential Oil Scent

Green bamboo essential oils are scented and can refresh the air and feeling when diffused at home. Bamboo scent is an excellent choice in deodorising rooms from malodours.

Bamboo essential oil is extracted from the bamboo plant. It’s a lightweight and non-greasy substance that contains concentrations of silica from the bamboo tree. it’s no surprise that green bamboo essential oil has a fresh and equally lightweight scent, which will help you relax.

Bamboo is known for its refreshing and natural-green aroma. The ‘freshly-cut smells’ scent from green bamboo oil will clear your mind after a long busy day. Its forest-like aroma will relax and calm your body, and mind.

Top notes of rose, grapefruit, black currant, middle notes of green bamboo, green tea, lemon, and bottom/base notes of amber, cherry blossom sakura.

Green Bamboo Essential Oil Refill

This Green Bamboo essential oil reed aroma diffuser refill is not pure essential oil, it’s already diluted so that you do not need to dilute it yourself, just refill it into the bottle of your reed aromatherapy diffuser. Capacity: 260ml, which should last around 5 months, depending on space, temperature and airflow.

Our Green Bamboo essential oil refill are made with 100% natural ingredients and botanical extracts from Switzerland, strictly free of harmful chemicals.


  • Capacity: 260ml
  • Box Dimension: 14x7x7cm

Main Features:

  • Soothing and relaxing scent
  • Moisture and soften skin
  • Forest-like, natural-green aroma
  • 100% natural ingredients from Switzerland

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 7 cm


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