Baby Swaddle Blankets | Infant Wrap | Sleeping Bag with Velcro, Monkey & Girl Pattern


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Lightweight, soft, comfortable baby swaddle

Lovely monkey & girl patten

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Baby Swaddle / Adjustable Infant Wrap / Sleeping Bag with Velcro

It’s always advisable to wrap newborns and put them to sleep on their back. Wrapping or swaddling newborn baby will help her feel safe and settled, help her sleep well – therefore you will sleep better as well.

Safe Comfortable Baby Swaddle

Besides helping keep your baby safe and comfortable all night long, wrapping babies with swaddles and placing them on their back helps to keep babies in the recommended sleep position before they are able to roll, in order to avoid any unexpected accident.

It’s very important to note that as soon as your baby shows signs of being able to roll, you should stop swaddling her.

Main Features:

  • Monkey & Girl pattern
  • 100% cotton
  • Super soft and smooth surface
  • Lightweight and breathable material to avoid overheating
  • Velcro for easy wrapping
  • Slit-like hole for baby car seat belt to put through
  • Suitable for newborn up to 6 months

How To Wrap Baby with Swaddle?

Chances are, when you were in the hospital with your newborn, a nurse had showed you how to wrap or swaddle your baby. Follow the steps if you forgot:

How To Swaddle or Wrap Your Baby

  1. Lay out flat the swaddle, align baby’s shoulders with top of open wrap. Tuck legs inside leg pocket.
  2. Wrap left wing over baby torso and tuck under baby’s opposite arm.
  3. Place right wing over left and secure opened tabs to fabric patch on left wing. Wings should be snug over baby chest.

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