Baby Prewalker Shoes

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Although our baby prewalkers are anti-slip, but baby prewalker shoes are not really meant for walking, they are meant for fun and protection.

Babies benefit from having bare feet when they start to learn walking. Walking shoes at this point will just make it more difficult for babies to grip and learn how to balance themselves. Babies need to be able to feel everything by foot when they learn how to walk.

For newborn to 12 months babies, they don’t need walking shoes yet, however it’s a good idea to provide little feet with some extra protection from cold or rough surfaces. Prewalkers for baby girls or boys are the perfect choice in this case. Our baby prewalker shoes are soft and light to allow your baby freedom and flexibility and at the same time give feet extra barrier to protect little soles and toes from injuries.

And, the prewalker shoes are so pretty, it’s full of fun and enjoyment to try out different baby shoes for your little loved ones.