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Shipping & Delivery
3Princess offers Freel Shipping for all orders delivered to Singapore addresses. 3Princess also delivers to all 190 countries and regions that PayPal supports and offers Free Shipping to these destinations as long as total order amount is greater than S$50.
Standard shipping fee for international orders (except Malaysia) less than S$50 is calculated based on weight:
Weight Shipping Fee (S$) Shipping Fee in US$
< 300g S$14.60 US$11.97
300g-500g S$21.60 US$17.70
500g-750g S$30.35 US$24.88
750g-1kg S$39.10 US$32.05
1kg-1.5kg S$56.60 US$46.39
1.5kg-2kg S$74.10 US$60.74
(Shipping fee in US$ is calculated based on exchange rate as of 10 Sep 2011 and may change according to latest exchange rate.)
Standard shipping fee for Malaysia orders less than S$50 is as following:
Weight Shipping Fee (S$) Shipping Fee in US$
< 300g S$6 US$4.92
300g-500g S$8 US$6.56
500g-750g S$11 US$9.02
750g-1kg S$13 US$10.66
1kg-1.5kg S$18 US$14.76
1.5kg-2kg S$23 US$18.86
Shipping fee is automatically calculated at the checkout page based on weight of all items in cart.
Items are currently shipped through Singapore Post by air as registered articles. 3Princess provides Item Number to customers in shipping notice and customers can track delivery status of the articles online.
Shipping normally takes 6-8 working days to arrive internationally, and 1-2 working days to arrive within Singapore.  We send out purchased items within 24 hours (on working days) after order is made and payment is received, customers can expect to receive goods in 7-9 working days. However please understand, delivery time listed above is only an estimate and may not be the actual delivery time experienced.
Goods are subject to customs inspection and clearance depending on destination country's regulations, which may cause delay.
Most couriers cannot deliver to PO box, customers have to provide real street address for delivery and valid phone/mobile number is critical for timely delivery.

Privacy & Security
We will never reveal, share or sell your information to any 3rd party.
We will never spam your mailbox.
Customer's credit card info is secure as we use PayPal to process credit card payment.
For more details on privacy and security, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Cancellation, Returns & Exchange
Orders can be canceled before dispatched. Please check order status before making cancellation. offers no-hassle free return and refund guarentee within 60 days after purchase. provides flexible exchange of item for the same item in a different size, or even for other items, subject to availability.
For more details on order cancellation, return and exchange, please refer to our Cancellations, Returns & Exchange Policy.

How To Choose The Right Size
We try our best to help you choose the most accurate size. First of all, we have converted the various designer sizes and measurements into one consistent sizing system on our website (6m, 2T, 3T, 8T, etc.), allowing you to buy according to age of your girls.
However, some babies grow faster, some slower, which makes choosing the right size a bit more complicated. No worries, you will find our comprehensive Size Chart very helpful. Also, we've taken the time to manually measure all clothes and list the key measurement figures on respective product pages.
Since children grow rather fast, if you are not 100% sure which size to choose, it'll be safer to choose one size bigger than what you think may fit your girl. For example, if you think, but are not very sure, that 4T is ideal for your child, choosing 5T might be a good idea - it will be a perfect match pretty soon anyway, if not now.

Purchase & Payment
Making purchase is easy. Just browse to desired clothes, click on "Add To Cart" button, continue shopping and click on "Checkout" link at the top-right corner any time you want to checkout, then follow instructions on the screen to place order.
Both guest and registered members can place orders.
For international customers, we accept credit card payment via PayPal (which supports all major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, Dinners Club, etc.),  Western Union and bank/wire transfer.
Singapore customers can choose to pay by check as well.
Once order is placed, an order confirmation email will be sent automatically, which includes list of items purchased, shipping address and payment information. If customer chooses to pay by PayPal, he/she will be redirected to PayPal website after placing order to make payment with PayPal. If other payment method is chosen, customer will see order confirmation message after placing order and then can proceed to make payment via check, bank/wire transfer or Western Union.
Orders that are not paid within 5 days will be considered cancelled.
For more payment details and instructions, please refer to our Payment Information.
Once items are shipped, customers will receive shipping information email which includes a tracking code so that customers can track status of delivery online.

Pricing & Promotions
There are 3 currency options to show price: US Dollar (USD or $), Singapore Dollar (SGD or S$), Euro (EUR or €).
The default currency shown on product pages is Singapore Dollar. store will try to detect visitor's IP address and display the correct currency automatically. For example, when web site detects that a visitor is from Singapore, price in SGD will be displayed automatically. If software does not detect visitors' location correctly or you just want to check price in another currency, you may "Select Your Currency" via dropdown box at top-left corner to show price in US Dollar, Euro or Singapore Dollar.
We offer promotion or special price for certain items from time to time. Whenever there's discount or special, the final actual charge is calculated based on listed "Special Price".
Loyal customers get even more discount. Customers who have spent more than US$799 at will be verified as Gold customer and receive more discount. Gold customers will be able to view special discounted price on product pages in logged in status (login to customer account then browse the products). 

We all love coupons, don't we? often provides coupons that customers can use at checkout, offering either fixed amount or percentage discount. We do post coupons on coupon sites but life should not be that tough - we post latest coupons on our website as well, just look at the "Whats New" menu box at bottom-left coner of homepage, you will find valid coupons available, it's easy and fare to all, you do not have to waste your valuble time to search for coupons online.
For more information on how to get and use coupon code, please refer to coupon guide.

Import Tax & Custom Duties
All shipments being sent to and from a country or region must clear customs. It's buyers' responsibilities to clear customs and pay relevant custom duties when required.
The amount invoiced at does not include import tax or VAT, it includes price of all goods in the cart + shipping charge (applied to international orders below US$50).
In many countries, customers need to pay taxes or duties on imported goods. Very often, goods below a certain value, or in certain categories, do not incur taxes.
The rules and regulations are different in varies countries, therefore, unfortunately, there is no way for us at to know the rules, regulations, customs, traditions, practices, loopholes, schemes, systems, paperwork, codes, laws or rulings of every single country. We cannot give advice about import tax issues, it's buyers' responsibility to find out that information before placing order.
Typically, import taxes and/or additional duties and sales taxes would be paid to the courier upon receipt of the package(s). 3Princess is not able to calculate the tax amount for customers due to reasons mentioned above. Before placing an order, please be aware of the possibility of having to pay import taxes upon receiving the goods.
If you've done your research on import tax situation in your country and believe there are ways to minimize the taxes you have to pay or eliminate the taxes altogether legally, just inform us at how you want it to be done regarding labeling, packing, declarations, invoices, etc., we will be more than happy to follow your instructions.
If shipped items are detained by customs after the shipment has left Singapore, buyer is responsible for clearance of the detained items.