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Why should I buy from in the first place?
We would not repeat those statements you see everywhere ("customer is our first priority" and blah blah). We do treat customers and visitors as our first priority, but who didn't? That hardly answers the question of why you should buy from us anyway.
Here're some points that we believe buying from is a good choice:
We are mothers of 3 girls ourselves and we know how to dress them up, that's not just our job and responsibility, that's our life. Therefore, you can rest assured that all our collections of clothes are the most beautiful ones. We are not just selling goods purely from business perspective, we put our soul in it.
We know these beautiful designer clothings are expensive, we feel the same way as you do. We try our best to source good suppliers and make it well affordable. It should not cost you arms and legs to buy top brand clothes for your girls and it won't at
You can always trust

When can I receive my clothes?
We pack and send out your clothes within 24 hours after order is placed and payment is received. Shipping confirmation email will be sent once we ship the package. Shipping by Singapore Post registered articles takes 6-8 working days for internaltional deliveries and 1-2 working days for Singapore local addresses. Therefore, you may expect to receive your clothoes in 7-9 working days if you are outside of Singapore and 2-3 working days if you are in Singapore.
However please note, these are estimates and not guarantee. The actually shipping might delayed due to many factors such as localtion, efficiency of different couriers in different countries, even the weather conditions. If you do not receive the package in 15 working days, please drop us a line, we will check at our side to see if anything went wrong.

What if I'm making large/bulk order or would like to buy wholesale?
Please email us your contact details and the items you are interested in, the number of items you intend to purchase, or any other information you think that may be helpful, surely we can work out a good deal for you.

How do I check my order status?
You can check status of all your orders (and find invoices, shipping notifications, add/edit shipping address, change password, etc.) in your customer account, please login here.
Below are the meanings of different order status:
  • Pending or Pending Payment - Order placed, offline payment (bank/wire transfer, check, Western Union) chosen, payment not received.
  • Pending PayPal - Order placed, PayPal payment chosen, payment not received somehow.
  • Processing - Order placed, payment received, processing for shipping.
  • Complete - Order placed, payment received, item shipped out.
  • Closed - Order placed, payment received, item shipped and returned, payment refunded.
  • On-Hold - Order placed and under review.
  • Cancelled - Order placed and cancelled before receiving payment or shipping.

Why should I pay for shipping fees if I would like to return the items or send it back for exchange?
This is a fair question.

How can I check shipping status?
You can track status of delivery online at Singapore Post web site. Please refer to shipping confirmation email for tracking number.

Is it safe to buy from
Simply put, yes, it's safe to buy from is operated by Silver Media, a Singapore registered business. As you know, Singapore is well known for being business friendly AND having strict laws and impartial govenment, which ensures that has to be an honest, reputable business with integrity. does not collect or store any confidancial financial information from customers. When customers choose to pay by PayPal, their credit card information is collected and processed by PayPal directly. PayPal is an eBay company that billions of users trust and use everyday.
We are not afraid of revealing as much information as possible as we are real people (just like you, real mummy and daddy) running real business. You can even find our photos on About Us page.