Designer Little Girls Dresses Now Affordable !


Established in 2008, we are mothers of 3 lovely girls living in Singapore, hence the name, 3Princess.

Like yourself, we love our princess. Watching our gilrs singing, dancing, having fun, in pretty clothes, is always the most joyful moment for us. is not a big company, it's just a family business run by 2 mothers. We know how to choose clothing for girls and dress them up. It's our life, day in and day out.

And it's our pleasure to share our experience and the wonderful collections of girls clothing we've found with all of you visiting The most important thing for us is that all our visitors and customers are satisfied with their purchase here. Making other young mothers happy makes us happy and our life meaningful, as first of all, we are all mothers of our princess.

(Yes, the photo below is the real myself, Tina, and my daughter, Michelle. It's not stock image or picture taken by models. My partner is a bit shy and would rather not to post photos...)

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